A small rescue group based in Eastern iowa and focusing on Aussies and performance dogs.

After 10 years and 355 dogs, Protege Canine Rescue will stop accepting dogs into the program effective immediately We've had the best imaginable group of volunteers and foster homes and we've made a happy difference in the lives of so many dogs and their families! But it's hard for volunteers to work at a stressful volunteer job indefinitely and ours are ready to focus on other parts of their lives. 

Protege will continue to be a resource for our adopters for as long as we're needed, and we'll be contacting all of those folks to reinforce this. (Our adopters can reach us at
info@protegerescue.org.) It's been a great run and all of our fans, friends, fosters, and adopters have helped, with your enthusiasm, support, and donations. 

If you are looking for a rescued Aussie or Sheltie, we recommend 
Aussie Rescue of Minnesota
Central Illinois Sheltie Rescue

Australian Shepherd Rescue Midwest

Please continue to support dog rescue efforts in whatever ways are appropriate for you and your families. Thank you! --October 7, 2015