Energy Level Ratings Key for Protege Canine Rescue
A general guide to describing available Protege dogs’ physical exercise needs and activity levels

Low: This dog would make a good companion (pet) dog, needs a couple of walks a week, and enjoys having a backyard to explore. This dog settles in well with a family at night to watch T.V. or spend a quiet weekend.
Moderate: This dog would make a good companion (pet) dog, needs at least a daily walk, and a backyard in which to play. Will enjoy some games of fetch and chase.
Moderate-High: This dog needs plenty of exercise and needs a few walks/jogs a day. This dog likes to be active with its person and will prefer a fenced yard for fun games like fetch and chase.

Dog sports could be a good outlet for this dog.
High: This dog needs a job. This job could be training in a dog sport such as agility, flyball, or herding, along with regular walks/jogs, and an interesting yard to run in. This dog won’t be content or happy

with a week full of T.V. evenings

Learn More About Gibbs

Age: 1 to 1-1/2 years
Energy Level: Moderate-High

Fence: Yes
Other dogs: Yes
Cats: Maybe
Weight: 31 lb.

Available Dogs

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If you see a dog that interests you, we welcome your questions about it. However, before adopting a dog, you must complete a Protege Adoption Application. We ask that you have a specific dog in mind when you apply. We do review each application for suitability of adopters and to evaluate whether the dog in which you are interested is appropriate. We contact references. Our adoption fee is $250, which goes toward vet bills for the particular dog, or towards vet bills for other dogs in our program. Visit ourContact Uspage or email with questions about any of our dogs, our program, or our adoption process. 

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